The Disability Certificate- A Ray of Hope!

“Life has eased out a bit after receiving the UDID card issued by the government. We now hold a status and feel a part of the society,” said Karan, the 29 years-old, with a twinkle in his eyes.

People with disabilities need only a handicap certificate to apply for the much-needed support from state and the central government. The UDID (Unique Disability ID) card issued by the government of India gives them special status and makes it easy for them to avail of several benefits and privileges – a small gesture for people with disabilities.

Karan is just any one of the Indians suffering from cerebral palsy. He was born as a special child with delayed development but not delayed determination. With 75% of cerebral palsy, he was trying to discover himself and overcome the struggles of everyday life.

Karan, with the help of an NGO, filled up online disability forms, both from the Karnataka government and the government of India. Although he needs to renew his state card every 10 years, the UDID is his permanent identification and is valid all across the country. “UDID has empowered me. I have got traveling pass for bus and can take train pass as well. There is also a 50% concession for my companion. I am also entitled to a monthly pension,” said Karan.

Many people like Karan have been empowered. Yet, many are unaware and need to be informed.
Mr V. S. Basavaraju, State Disabilities Commissioner, Karnataka, who is a fierce advocate of inclusion, said, “We are coming up with numerous policies but it is not reaching those with special needs and disability. We need people who can spread a word and talk about government policies and the Handicap Act.”

Innaumation Medical Devices is quite forthcoming in understanding and interpreting government policies and schemes for the people with disabilities. It is assisting such people in procuring handicap certificate and provides free counselling to all the patients, to get the most out of the Handicap Act and lead a carefree and happy life.

Please feel free to connect with us to seek any kind of assistance in obtaining the Disability Certificate or applying for the privileges and passes that you might be eligible for.