Speech and Communication
is not a privilege,

Laryngectomy is a surgical procedure where a part or all of the larynx (voice box) is removed, impacting a person's ability to speak. After laryngectomy, individuals often lose their natural voice. Voice restoration following a laryngectomy can have profound effects on an individual's confidence, empowering them to communicate effectively, engage socially, and navigate life with renewed optimism and resilience.

Present Scenario for Throat
Cancer Patients

  • 80% of throat cancers are detected late – Stage 3 or 4
  • 80% of patients hail from poor economic backgrounds
  • 80% of healthcare Premises are private run
  • PPP of an average Indian is <$2 per day

Who are we?

We are a charitable trust with our primary objective being social well-being of throat cancer patients and re-establishing their lost voices. Throat cancer patients who go through laryngectomy, lose their voices forever. We at Aum Foundation help them get their voices back by sponsoring “Aum Voice Prosthesis” for them.

What do we do?

Aum Voice Prosthesis is available at affordable rates. AUM Foundation is committed to assisting patients from economically challenging backgrounds by possibly sponsoring their first surgery as well as replacement surgery.”

How do we do that?

Patients need to submit their Ration Card or BPL card to us, and we will help them get their voice back through Aum Voice Prosthesis with required initial surgery as well as replacement surgery after 6 months.

Do you also want to be part of our initiative and
help re-establishing the lost voices?