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Knotho Club

Innaumation Medical Devices strives to provide utmost care to the laryngectomy Patient. We have been working relentlessly to facilitate post-operative care to all the patient. In order to ensure the well-being of the patient, we are forming Lary/Kontho Clubs for all patient who use prosthesis or any assistive device. The main objective of the club is to connect all the laryngectomy patient at a district level. These patient would meet once in a month at a common place. The patient can then interact, exchange experiences and in the process, help each other to find a solution to their laryngectomy-related problems and queries. Innaumation will play a pivotal role in forming the club and facilitating its functioning. The club will be a medium to encourage laryngectomy patient to shed inhibitions and socialize. It will be taken care of by the SDMC Trust. Please feel free to enquire about the Kontho Club in your locality and register yourself.

Now Get a Disability Certificate

A Disability Certificate is a document provided to people with a permanent or temporary disability. This certificate helps People with Disability (PwD) to avail the benefits and facilities that they are entitled to. A Person with Disability can also apply for a Unique Disability Identity Card (UDID) after receiving the Disability Certificate.

Unique Disability Identity Card (UDID)

The UDID card is the single document of identification and verification of the disabled for availing various benefits. It contains all the necessary information about the person with disability. It also helps in streamlining the tracking of the physical and financial progress of the beneficiary. The UDID card is valid across the country. It has a lifelong validity for people above 18 yrs. For disabled children below 18 years of age, the card needs to be updated after every five years.

Innaumation Medical Devices is consistently working towards connecting with all such Persons with Disability, helping them at various stages of applying for the Disability Certificate and UDID Card. Please get in touch with us if you need any kind of assistance in filling up or submitting the form to receive a Disability Certificate.

For a detailed information about UDID, click on the given link

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