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Innaumation Medical Devices Private Limited is a Bangalore based medical device start up working on area of voice restoration for throat cancer patients and has invented the Aum voice prosthesis as its core product. The main motto behind the company is to make science affordable, affable and accessible. This is how we have been able to create a low-cost speaking device for throat cancer patients who have lost their voice to surgical removal of voice box.

The present invention created by Innaumation Medical Devices Pvt Ltd comprises of a voice prosthesis device, which is implanted in patients undergoing laryngectomy enabling the patient to speak after surgery. We are also working on a similar such innovations for tracheostomy tubes, which helps patients breathe and could assist patients with low cost maintenance without suctioning.

The core technologies we work on include speech and communication devices, computational biology, imaging devices.


Keep innovating in the field of medical and healthcare solutions and disrupt the market by reaching out to every last person who needs it through a large network of medical experts across the globe


We are committed to provide affordable and easy healthcare solutions to the patients across the globe through empathetic designs, innovation and challenging the unachievable


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