The Reassuring Voice

“Bhoomiiii…”, there was emphasis on the last letter of her name, when her father Mr. Atul Modi called his eldest daughter for errands. The uncanny, eerie feeling of never hearing the voice, which she was used to, was troublesome. She felt sad whenever she saw her father scribbling down instructions and ringing the bell to call her or any other family member.

Her mother, Jyoti forgot the date, time and month when he last called her, while all through he was sitting right beside her and giving a reassuring smile. Yet, she was distressed and did not know how to bring back the lost happiness or, should we say, peace to the family. Although there was constant help and family support, but something was missing. There was a feeling of emptiness everywhere.

While the mother is the pillar of strength for the family, the father is the foundation stone, who keeps the base strong and sails across with his family with a smile and with words ‘sab thik hai…’

Punctuation, diction, voice modulation, emphasis… all was tried by Mr. Modi’s family, when he gradually started losing his voice to throat cancer.

His girls, Bhoomi and Dhara were missing their father’s pampering calls. His wife was getting jittery when there was no assuring voice to say ‘all will be fine’. And, the business was missing the caring tone of its master. Dreams were half realized…he had to see his daughters married, take his wife to Kashmir and expand his steel business. A self-made man was a victim of a disease which took away his voice!

This is the story of Mr. Atul Modi and his family. A cloud of uncertainty hovered over the family, when Mr Modi was diagnosed with throat cancer. And, even after undergoing treatment in Anand, Gujarat, he could not regain his voice as his voice box was removed.  

Mr. Modi was a tough nut to crack. He was strong, had built his family’s confidence, kept them positive and inspired them to work and move. In spite of all odds, he never missed the chance to have sweet fights with his wife, and love his two daughters, same as before. But, at the back of his mind, he was working on ways to bring back his voice and along with that, the lost smile of his family. But the question was how and when?

It was then that he heard about the AUM Voice Prosthesis developed by Dr. Vishal Rao, for patients like him. With hope, determination and support of his family members, he contacted Dr. Vishal. Today, with slight hoarseness in his voice, he shares his journey of the diagnosis to surgery and finally getting a voice box installed.

In a conversation with Mr. Modi’s family, his eldest daughter Bhoomi shared that her father never showed signs of frustration or losing hope. He was a confidant man and knew he would find a way to talk to his family and share his feelings as well as thoughts.

Before signing off…Mr. Modi said, “Now, I can ask for tea as many times as I want!”

Mr. Modi loves his masala chai and we hope, he keeps enjoying it with his wife and two beautiful daughters for years to come.

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